ID Or No ID?

Tracking the post-IDFA changes in the world of programmatic mobile advertising on iOS

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No-ID Bid Requests21%73%
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iOS Bid Requests with ID vs. No-ID



0.0200k400k600k800kFeb 29Mar 31Apr 30May 31Jun 30REQUESTS PER SECOND

ID bid requests include users on iOS 13 and lower, as well as iOS 14 users who have opt-in tracking. No-ID bid requests include users on iOS 14 who chose to opt out of tracking.

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iOS Version Usage






0%50%100%Feb 29Mar 31Apr 30May 31Jun 30

This graph shows the development in iOS version usage over time. The ratio between ID-enabled and no-ID users will increase upon the release of iOS 14.5.

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Relative CPM of No-ID iOS Traffic

This Week

8 July - 14 July 2024


cheaper compared to ID-enabled traffic

Last Week

1 July - 7 July 2024


cheaper compared to ID-enabled traffic

Targeting no-ID users tends to be cheaper than targeting ID-enabled users as the ads that are served to the former group are less personalized to their behavior.

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SKAdNetwork-Enabled Bid Requests

0%50%Feb 29Mar 31Apr 30May 31Jun 30

SKAdNetwork is Apple’s attribution solution for no-ID advertising campaigns.


The post-IDFA dashboard insights are fuelled by the data we receive from our trusted industry partners. We work with 26 supply side platforms to give our clients access to hundreds of millions of users on iOS and Android devices. Our bidding infrastructure is built to manage these large amounts of traffic and processes 3.3 million queries per second, more than any other demand side platform in the market.